Ignacio Ragone

Ignacio Ragone

Ignacio Ragone was born in Buenos Aires in 1989.  He is a director and editor, graduated in Filmmaking at ENERC.

His work focuses on documentaries and their multiple frontiers. Beliefs and post-truth, vocation and its limits, life in the cities, the climate crisis, inequality and the digital world are some of the concerns that inhabit his work.

He directed the feature films "Chaco" and "Noh", the telefilm "Una Linda Flor" and the short film "Ida". His works were shown and awarded at festivals in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Mexico, Rome, Vienna, Sao Paulo, among other cities.

In 2021 he won the SAE award for his film "Noh". He has also edited most of his works, the multi-awarded Historias Breves "El Dorado de Ford" by Juan Fernández Gebauer and the series "Esto También es América" and “Rumuvi“ by Lucas Palacios. He has also worked for channels such as HBO, Un3, Construir Tv, OnDirecTv, Mtv and for brands such as Motorola, Pepsi, Satellogic, among others.

Ignacio is also a musician under the alter ego of Alan Alaska, producing his own music as well as music for films and series.
He spends his free time reading and playing soccer.