Use of the SAE initials

Active members of the SAE have both the right and obligation to use the postnominal initials that assert their membership as part of their name whenever they are credited in the main or end titles of a motion-picture production.

They are also required to use the initials in any promotional piece or material related to the aforementioned production (posters, press books, billboards, trailer billing blocks, making-of interviews videographs, etc.) and, in general, whenever mentioned or cited in any context related to the motion-picture arts (articles in newspapers, magazines, academic journals and websites, among others).

To append the initials to their name, members may choose any of the following forms:

  • Name Surname, SAE
  • Name Surname, S.A.E.
  • Name Surname (SAE)
  • Name Surname (S.A.E.)

In other words, the use of periods to separate the initials is optional, and either a comma or parentheses is valid to separate the name from the acronym (although never should these two options be combined).

It is important to mention that the IMDB website does not allow to append initials of professional associations to names.