Classifications of Membership

The SAE contemplates several classes of membership that represent and allow different levels and ways to get involved with the association.

Associate Members

It is the most accessible kind of membership, which allows virtually anyone interested in getting involved with actively employed professionals, and their concerns, to become a member. Everyone who can attest professional work in any area related to motion-picture post production is eligible as an associate member, as are also all undergraduate students majoring in editing or film-editing.

Active Members

This category is reserved for editors who have more than 4 years of professional experience in the field and have shown outstanding capacities or achievements in their work. In recognition of their commitment to the craft, only active members are entitled to vote and use the association's initials when credited for their work.

Sponsor Members

These are companies or individuals who collaborate with the association and its activities. Membership in this category entails neither the recognition of rights nor the imposition of any obligations.

Honorary Members

The SAE awards the title of honorary member to those individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the association or have had outstanding achievements in the art of motion pictures and, specially, of editing. An honorary member is exempt from payment of any fees, and is entitled to all the benefits that the association provides.