Introducing SAE

SAE, Sociedad Argentina de Editores Audiovisuales (Argentine Society of Audiovisual Editors), established on December 1st, 2012, is a nonprofit organization that brings together picture (“audiovisual”) editors employed in nearly every sector of the Argentine media industry, including motion picture, television and ad-film editors. SAE and its members are committed to a clear mission: to advance the art of audiovisual editing and to bring relevance to the role of audiovisual editors.

SAE also acknowledges the importance of collective and solidary policing of working conditions. Therefore our mission encompasses to continuously identify and address conflicts inherent to the profession, and to bind local and foreign editors into a collaborative network.

All of these goals are fostered by a democratic structure that takes into account the specific issues that affect the work of audiovisual editors within each of the different media sectors. SAE is governed by a General Assembly and a Board of Directors (Consejo Directivo).

Assistant editors, students enrolled in an audiovisual editing program, and professionals in any position within the audiovisual post-production field can enjoy all of the benefits that the SAE provides by becoming associate members (socios adherentes). Audiovisual editors having more than 4 years of professional experience in the field and whose work has been deemed to be of quality can join in as active members, which entitles them to vote and to identify themselves by using the letters “SAE” following their names.